Intel (R) PROSet/Wireless Software

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A utility to set up, edit and manage network profiles
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Mark Alberts - while bin and hex files are created, these will only work for the AVR family (tiny,mega,xmega, etc).
It will not work for AVR32. Or the 8051.

- by changing the $regfile parameter you can simply change your design. For example change from M32 to M644 only requires the change of 1 line.

- you can keep all data sheets up to date by the automatic pdf updater. Or view the PDF with the internal PDF viewer.

- the demo is free for non-commercial usage. the restrictions are that it generates max. 4 KB of code, that the asm code of the libraries is not included , and that there is limited support.

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Guest great reliable application

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ceza Thank you "to that of the Programme . best on the windows vista ultimate

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william some of my Universal serial bus controllers are not working.went to device manager tryed to update and it says cannot load says corruptrd or missing(code39)how do i install. th reason is i have att 3g network card.when i plug it in it saysno device

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futbolista Same as Guest #813164

I used several versions of Intel ProSet + wireless drivers without problems.
The latest ones are shaky and keeps disconnecting.

Windows managed keeps the connecting stable. I want the Intel ProSet back smile

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Guest intel proset latest stable version

later version has problems connecting
to WPA2 even though Windows zeroconfig
has no problems.

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azman make sure you get latest update of your version coz i did install version 11 and it had a conflict with version 10.

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Guest 'No download link yet. Will be added soon.'
what is soon?

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an peterjambo please teach me how to download the latest vision , thanks

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Guest good better than the windows default connection manager

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Wichian N. Good,
but interface nogood

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