Intel (R) PROSet/Wireless Software

Intel (R) PROSet/Wireless Software 18.4

A utility to set up, edit and manage network profiles
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18.40.0 (See all)
  • How can I connect my wireless mouse?
    In order to connect the wireless mouse to your computer, you will need to check its user manual. Basically, you need to connect the receiver in the USB port... Read more
  • It doesn't work on my R51e laptop.
    It doesn't work, either because it is not compatible with your system or it is not correctly installed. In order to fix the issue, uninstall the software using... Read more
  • Can an unauthorized person be able to access your network?
    This program is a simple replacement for the wireless network manager from Windows. By using this software, you cannot create a wireless network and you cannot... Read more


The Intel PROSet/Wireless Software is used to set up, edit and manage network profiles to connect to a network. The program features: automatic detection of and connection to wireless access points based on adapter preferences, detection of access point security levels, easy and secure switching between networks, and more.

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